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Thermalec® are the manufacturer of high quality swimming pool heaters and are unique in design as Thermalec heaters will operate with water coming from the filter at high velocity without it striking the heating elements directly due to our unique baffle system which is part of our original patent. 

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A must for any pool or spa


Thermalec Heater Review.


About 38 years ago I decided to build a swimming pool.  Having built it my next concern was the best way to heat the pool.


I actually built some solar panels but found that I would never be happy with their performance and the lack of control because of the fluctuating UK weather conditions.  My next thought was a Heat pump which were reported to be more efficient,but all those years ago Heat pumps were in their infancy and had not been on the market long enough to have been tested thoroughly. 


I felt that I needed a heater that I could rely on and that I cold fully control to my requirements in all weather conditions..


I therefore decided to purchase a Thermalec heater.  From the moment I received the heater I was impressed with the construction and build quality.  The electrical and electronic parts ,the tidiness of layout and fixing points were beyond belief.There were no loose wires or components flopping about, everything had been placed and secured properly.


All in all a very technical well made unit.


Reliability since new has been incredible.  The heater has never broken down and always performed well to the settings I required.  I have only had the heater serviced 3 times mainly as a preventative measure. 

On one service I decided it best to have a new heating element installed and no other problems or issues have arisen.


I simply can not say enough about the service department team.  Discussions over the telephone or on the odd occasion a visit to your works has always been friendly, constructive and informative.


In hind sight I can only say that I definitely made the correct decision in buying your Thermalec heater. Im sure you can see from the above comments that I am more than happy with the heater and I can only hope that the heater will continue to perform in future years.