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Why Meddings?

If you could shop in your local shop rather than a chain, would you?

If you could talk face to face rather than sit on hold for hours, would you?

If you could have a dedicated point of contact rather than a chat bot online, would you?

The Meddings Group can offer;

Face-to-face discussions

Workshop tours

Dedicated point of contact

Local skilled workforce

Fantastic customer service

Precision products

Competitive pricing

Our four divisions work relentlessly to give our clients the best customer service, lead times and products they possibly can. We are not robots, we can sometimes make mistakes, but we also rectify them in a timely manner and work with you on your projects. Honesty and transparency is in our work force and that shines through to the customer experience.

The Four Divisions:

Meddings Machine Tools

Meddings Fabrication

Meddings Engineering

Meddings Thermalec

Please feel free to give us a call today 01752 313323

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