The Meddings Group is a well established family firm that has adapted and expanded over the last eight decades in the manufacturing trade. The Meddings Group is made up of five divisions that were established and founded over various years. The engineering and fabrication divisions were founded in the 1930's, with Meddings Machine Tools being established in the 1940's. Later came Thermalec in 1990 and 60% of Merlin Industrial Products being bought in 1996. Meddings Group offers a wider choice from a single source now that all five divisions are working individually but under the same premises. 

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Our vision

We will be more environmentally friendly by 2025. We aim to achieve this by reducing our carbon footprint, support local charities close to our company beliefs and also by maintaining a strong workforce. This will allow us to continue to provide a combination of quality, price and service of all of our goods. 

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Our Mission

We are delighted to growing a dynamic and profitable manufacturing/supplier business through innovation, hard work and ethical business practises. 

We provide an engaging and challenging work environment for our employees, producing the highest quality products, delivering 'Value for Money' customer expectations and first class service to our customers.