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Meddings Machine Tools design, manufacture and distribute a range of drilling machines worldwide. Meddings drilling machines are supplied into many training facilities around the world because of their quality, durability and safety features. Training engineers for the future needs the best machines. 


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Why not treat your existing Meddings drilling machines to a full overhaul. 

Meddings Machine Tools are now offering a refurbishment service for the majority of their drilling machines post 1975 (Subject to model type). Due to demand for quality drilling machines it has become evident that existing customers have relied on the quality and accuracy of their Meddings drilling machine over a number of years in their production environment. 

Meddings Machine Tools is renowned for the rigidity and accuracy of their existing models as well as the robustness of the design. When people look to replace their existing Meddings drill they often come to us to have it overhauled or to get a newer addition. 

This is why Meddings Drilling Machines are now offering this service which will restore your existing machine, giving further years of excellent service. 

The 13mm capacity machine is based on our original standard Compact Drilling Machine with the addition of a 'Variable Speed' control unit capable of speeds between 300 - 3000 RPM. 

This machine allows the user automatic speed control without having to adjust the belt, ideal for use in any workshop or educational establishment. 

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Variable Speed Technical Data


Our latest machine development is still produced here in our own factory. 

This machine combines all of our previous experience and knowledge in building drilling machines, but at a reduced cost base. 

It is lighter than previous models yet still robust and rigid. Not intended as a full time production machine, it still offers performance and accuracy to the highest order for the lighter user. 


Meddings Compact Technical Data 

Developed from our earlier, long running, series these models d

feature 2 MT spindles with increased drilling capacities, the L1 series effectively replace the earlier L2 models and the new L2 replaces our earlier M4 series thus offering better value. 

The L2 models feature a 2 speed motor to expand the available speed range. Items now included as standard - rack and pinion table adjustment, work light and base mounted stop switch were previously available as optional extras. All machines are supplied complete with chuck guards as illustrated. 

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L1 MK6 - L2 MK4 
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